Sometime’s You Have to State the Obvious With the NPD… Read while you experience the “High Conflict Divorce”, One Day at a Time.

If you were married to a Narcissist Personality Disordered Human and are going through a Divorce with this person, communication can be maddening. Once you realize for the six hundred millionth time, your words or wisdom are not going to change this person, you need to state the obvious. Almost two years to the day of this “High Conflict Divorce” I did just that. I think the self care part is to start stating the obvious much earlier in the process. This is my learning today. Oh and it is a one day at a time learning experience. I am sure I will write about that at some point.

Here is an excerpt of what I said.

“I am not your life partner anymore, I am not your nanny, I am not your secretary. I am a parent with you and hopefully once you develop a healthy relationship with the boys, we can develop a co-parenting relationship. I will mange my time with the boys and you need to manage your time with the boys. I have detailed everything as much as I can. I have answered your question plus provided backup documentation with highlights. I have offered my support. My curiosity makes me want to understand what more you expect from me. Can you list for me what your expectations of me in our roles now are below? This would give me great insight.”

I would love to hear your feedback or insight!

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