Gaslighting and Word Salad

There is no doubt about Narcissist using Gaslighting and Word Salad to achieve their agenda. It is very much alive in my daily conversation with my very own NPD while entering in my third year of high conflict divorce. I start with this because I truly will say I have been gaslighted to my near [...]

Sometime’s You Have to State the Obvious With the NPD… Read while you experience the “High Conflict Divorce”, One Day at a Time.

If you were married to a Narcissist Personality Disordered Human and are going through a Divorce with this person, communication can be maddening. Once you realize for the six hundred millionth time, your words or wisdom are not going to change this person, you need to state the obvious. Almost two years to the day [...]

I knew….

Thanks to the Apple iPhone I was able to look back at a "note" from May 10, 2012 that I did not send. It was not until five and a half years later did I take action. J, I am sorry you have no compassion, especially for me. Your words to me never doing enough [...]